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An anointed and gifted teacher who moves prophetically, Penelope shares on the following topics:


Adorning of the Bride

Jewelry enhances the beauty of a bride, and Jesus Himself longs to adorn His Bride, the Bride of Christ. Penelope Kaye’s revelatory teaching on various pieces of jewelry and how they prepare the church to receive her Bridegroom will greatly encourage believers on their walk of intimacy.


Every one is on a spiritual journey that began before the foundations of the world—a journey leading us to Christ or away from Him. Penelope Kaye brings to life the journeys of twelve men and women from Scriptures and the truths believers can apply to their own spiritual walks.

A Lover’s Refrain

Singing with a prostitute? A rousing drunkard’s chorus? A bride’s melody? These are some of the hidden gems Penelope Kaye shares in this teaching. Believers will come away with their own new melody, a lover’s refrain, a song for the ages.


Making Crooked Places Straight

Who wants their crooked places made straight?  Everyone. But that’s not the real question. The real question is:  Who is willing to pay the price to have their crooked places made straight?  Penelope Kaye exposes the crafty wiles of the perverse spirit in the church today and how to walk in victory so believers can shine like stars in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.

Friends in High Places

Everyone needs a friend or two in high places. Penelope Kaye shows believers how to make sure your best friend is in the highest place.


Lawless Government

Governments across the land have flawed and sometimes corrupt individuals in charge. Penelope Kaye shares biblical truths to help believers not just survive, but thrive under lawless leaders.


Pools of Anointing in Worship

This is one of Penelope’s favorite messages. As a worshiper in spirit and truth, she has experienced many pools of anointing. As she shares the revelations God has given her, other believers are drawn into these pools and experience a fresh touch from the Lord.

Releasing the Fragrance

Beautiful fragrances captivate our hearts. But what delights our senses doesn’t come without a price. Penelope Kaye shares powerful truths behind those sweet-smelling aromas.If you would like to schedule Penelope Kaye to speak at a school, library, or writer’s conference, please see her contact info.


If you would like Penelope to speak at a conference, retreat, church, home gathering, or other venue, please contact her.



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