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Faith Based Endorsements


Reader comments for Making Crooked Places Straight

“Fantastic book filled with wisdom, truth, power and revelation not to mention sprinkled with chainbreaking prayers for anyone who is fighting the good fight and needs to amp up their game!!!! Thank you Penelope Kaye, beautifully done.” —AB


“Although this isn’t one of the children’s picture books that Penelope often writes, Making Crooked Places Straight does create pictures of humans, like me, encountering challenges of spiritual warfare. She wants to help us make the crooked straight, to overcome our fears, to be free to be all we can be. Through God, we are never alone, and through Penelope’s true stories, we have hope. She supports my journey and my hear through a rich array of Bible verses and the meaning of those Biblical words. And she transitions from chapter to chapter in a way that allows me (the reader) to be part of her act of creation, so that we, also, can have life changing encounters with the living God!” —LLL


Speaking/Prayer Ministry

“The first time the Lord placed me in Penelope Kaye’s path was due to a sign outside her church promoting a women’s Bible study. Penelope facilitated the class, and I was so taken by her in-depth knowledge of God’s word and her very personal relationship with the Lord. She announced that she would be teaching a Bible study she had written herself, and I signed up! And then I signed up for another study she had written.

“Through the classes and the following years, I have seen Penelope “in action” on a spiritual level. She prays with such passion, reverence, and discernment. Penelope has opened my spiritual eyes and heart to my Savior’s love for me, and I’ve learned how to pray without ceasing for those the Father places on our hearts.” —LB


“I first discovered Penelope’s prayer life through the powerful prayers she wrote in her book Making Crooked Places Straight. This impacted my life in a profound way. Since then, my husband and I have developed a close friendship with her and have been richly blessed through her prayer ministry. We’ve prayed with her on many occasions—it’s clear that she loves to pray. Penelope’s close walk with Jesus for many years has brought her into a ministry of heartfelt and compassionate intercession.” —KH


“When teaching Bible lessons, Penelope always studies her topic thoroughly. Doing word studies in scripture using a concordance, different dictionaries, and commentaries, she is able to bring new light to details one might normally miss. Because of her understanding of scripture, Penelope prays the word of God into situations effectively. I always come away from her teaching asking more questions, leading me to pursue a deeper and richer relationship with Jesus.” —HH