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A fun and engaging instructor, Penelope connects with her students, young or old, in a powerful, yet delightful way. She speaks on the following topics:


Fun with Fiona

Join author Penelope Kaye on a fun-filled adventure, exploring Yellowstone National Park through the eyes of Fiona, a redheaded, freckle-faced little girl who “absolutely, definitely” does not like the rotten egg scent in the famous Park. With dramatic readings and selected activities, your students will remember this day long after the last bell rings.


Cultivate Your Writing

Do you have a book on the inside, but don’t know where to start? Penelope Kaye shares practical tools, helpful insights, and important resources to help you sow seeds to become a published author. This class provides numerous opportunities to practice and develop your writing gift in a fun, safe atmosphere. (Note: Sharing is optional)


Plow a Path to a Published Book

Are you chomping at the bit to see your book in print? Not so fast. With seemingly constant changes in the publishing industry, your dream to see your name on a book cover can be intimidating. Penelope Kaye helps you dig deep with the specific tools you need before signing a contract. (Note: This class includes some writing practice.)


Moving from Show and Tell to Show, Don’t Tell

Help your students take their writing to a new level! In this workshop, Penelope will give practical tips, fun examples, and hands-on activities to teach students how to make writing more interesting for them and more delightful for readers. This skill will be one they can use for any writing assignment and at any level.


Ruthless Editing

Authors love their manuscripts. They pour blood, sweat, and tears into them. And every word is perfect . . . until it’s not. Thus, the need for editing. Yet this task can be challenging for even the best-known authors, and Penelope understands this very well. She has developed some methods that can help you enjoy the process, even relish ruthless editing.


Picture Book ABC’s

Do you have a picture book on the inside of you waiting to get out? Join Penelope Kaye, an award-winning author, as she shares the ups and downs in picture book publishing based on her own journey with her first children’s picture book I Do Not Like the Rotten Egg Scent in Yellowstone National Park.



If you would like Penelope to speak at a school, library, writers conference, or other venue, please contact her.



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