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Reader comments for Land Media Interviews Without a Publicist

“Penelope Kaye's book is clear and concise with step by step instructions on how to acquire media interviews. I love her bits of humor woven throughout the book because it reminds me to have fun while learning this new skill. I'm excited to use her tips to land media interviews for my new book and would recommend this book to anyone looking to understand this portion of marketing.”Jessica

“Penelope Kaye’s book Land Media Interviews Without a Publicist details the dilemmas and setbacks all authors experience in presenting their books to the public. She learned what questions to ask, who to talk to, how to say the correct words, and what makes a good interview. She believed in her work and practiced what she preached. Penelope never deterred from her determination and perseverance to overcome and be heard. As you process through her book, you will be encouraged to make yourself and your book known.”Janet Feil, Author of Day By Day Thriving After Sexual Abuse and Trauma


High Plains Book Awards

“Words are not enough to express our thanks to you for your wonderful reviews of both Blue Corn Soup and Métis Christmas Mittens. We so appreciate your time and expertise in helping to promote the awards and celebrate our finalist authors . . . Your work was a valuable contribution to the continued success of the awards.” —Margie Sylvester, HPBA


Student comments from writing classes taught by Penelope

“Very informative. Hope she teaches more classes.”

“Ms. Hudson was an excellent instructor and listened to our questions and answered everything beyond our expectations. Her information was very informative!”

“It really has helped boost my confidence as a writer. I learned more on how to become a writer in this class than any of my college classes I have taken.”

“Penelope provided practical tools to help structure your writing: planning, plotting, character development, etc. Good shared experience from instructor. Her journey to publish was instructive, and [the] common sense approach to the work of writing was valuable.”

“Teacher was very enthusiastic! Yay!”

“Penelope was wonderful. She shared a wealth of information in a short amount of time. She also provided a wealth of information based on her own personal experiences which have shaped her own journey as a writer which was incredibly valuable and meaningful to me.”


Comments from professionals and published authors

“As a first-time author, I discovered there’s more to writing a book than a good story. And Penelope Kaye brought much needed guidance. She helped direct me in forming correct sentence structure, showed me how to create new thoughts, and gave clarity in understanding the process needed to complete the task at hand.

“In teaching the craft of writing, Penelope makes you think outside the box and not settle for mediocre.  Once she hears your struggles, she knows the process to get to the next step and explains why. Penelope always sees a person’s good qualities. When I felt stuck and overwhelmed, she encouraged me not to give up. Her patience and enthusiasm are contagious. Even though my work with her was one-on-one, I have no doubt that students of all ages would benefit from this phenomenal teacher.” Janet Feil, Author of Day By Day Thriving After Sexual Abuse and Trauma


“When working with Penelope on her book Making Crooked Places Straight, I was amazed by her ability to take a writing suggestion and internalize the editing process, applying it not only to one small section, but throughout the entire book. One recommendation became a transformation. She took every piece of literary criticism sent her way for growth and development. Her manuscript went from promising to an award-winning book.

“It also brings me joy at church seeing Penelope leading children to involvement during the children's section of the service. It is always Penelope who communicates positive energy and connection, helping children to relax, tap into their own energy and creativity, and spread it forward.

“I have been teaching English and Drama in college my whole adult life and have never seen a person light a torch and pass it on like Penelope does. I have no doubt she is an excellent teacher, and I would love to take a class from her. And though she sought my help as she went forward with writing books, now it is me learning from her how to write, get published, and pass the creative torch to the next generation. Bravo, Penelope!”Linaya Leaf, Retired English & Theater Professor; Former Chair of Arts & Humanities for Rocky Mountain College