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Making Crooked Places Straight - Bible Study


Hello, dear friend!

You have either finished the book, Making Crooked Places Straight, and want to dig deeper, travel farther, or climb higher or you are starting the book and want to dig deeper, travel farther, and climb higher.

Either way, I want to encourage you on your journey. By choosing this path, you will discover hidden truths that will impact your life in ways you couldn't imagine. As you spend time pondering the questions, seeking the Lord, and searching your heart, God will pour into your treasures of heaven. You will never be the same. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

PS: I want to apologize and clear up a bit of confusion. In the “A Call to Arms” in my book, I offered the Bible Study for free. After the book was in print, a number of individuals shared with me that they preferred a book format rather than separate pages. In order to accommodate them, I had to create a separate workbook. Consequently, I can no longer make it a free offer. However, I still want to give you a free chapter, so please click here:   Chapter One Bible Study