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I Do Not Like the Rotten Egg Scent In Yellowstone National Park

“I do not like the rotten egg scent in Yellowstone National Park.

It is gross. It makes me gag. It is wa–a–a–y too stinky for me.”

So states Fiona.

But even though she doesn’t like the rotten egg smell, plenty of other creatures don’t mind it at all. Join this redheaded, freckle-faced little girl on a journey of discovery in the worldwide famous Yellowstone National Park.

Penelope Kaye’s first children’s picture book celebrates Yellowstone National Park through the eyes of Fiona, a precocious little girl. She “absolutely, definitely” does not like the putrid sulfur smell emanating from the famous Park’s geysers and mud pots. But she finds a host of animals and people who don’t mind it at all.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy Fiona’s commentary and the beautiful illustrations as they turn each page, commiserating with her, until our redheaded heroine finds the perfect place for the rotten egg smell.


What readers are already saying about I Do Not Like the Rotten Egg Scent in Yellowstone National Park:


I just read your book. Such a cute story and love how you brought in the animals. I felt like I could smell that while reading it, lol. —Robyn

I love this book! I can’t wait to go on a trip Yellowstone National Park, to hold my breath and plug my nose at the rotten egg smell in Yellowstone National Park. —Faith, age 8

[It] brought back great memories of our family’s three trips through Yellowstone. Reading this adventurous and lyrical story, I realized that the boys were too young when we went to remember much of those trips. We definitely will be going again soon. —Mike, parent


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