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Christmas Blessing Basket


The Story Behind the Christmas Blessing Baskets

Years ago, Penelope and her daughters found themselves helping a young woman who struggled with some deep trauma issues. As Christmas drew near, they discovered that all of her Christmas memories were horrific, filled with abuse and cruelty.

Well, they loved to celebrate Christmas and determined an intervention was in order. After mulling over different ideas, they finally decided to give her one gift for each day of December through Christmas. Since they didn’t have much money, they went through drawers, closets, and cupboards to see what might work for a little gift. (They really didn’t have much money!)

Then they wrapped all twenty-five gifts. Penelope found a basket tucked away in a closet, and they delivered it to their young friend.

And that was the beginning of the Christmas Blessing Baskets. Each year, they pondered and prayed over who would be the recipient of a basket. Sometimes it was obvious. For instance, one day, a friend said, “I hate Christmas!” And she meant it! The three of them looked at each other and knew instantly who was getting a basket. Another year Penelope didn’t have a name until November 30th. Nothing like last minute.

Eventually, she developed a set of criteria:

  • Women who had bad childhood memories of Christmas
  • Women who had a bad year
  • Women who were underappreciated by their spouse and/or family
  • Women who God specifically pointed out to her

Some of the women she knew quite well, some not so well, and some not at all. And the number of baskets delivered also varied—anywhere from one to five.

And now, Penelope wants to expand the blessing to include you! Perhaps you know someone in those categories or you just want to bless a relative or close friend. Here is your opportunity to deliver your own Christmas Blessing Basket!

Each basket comes with pre-wrapped gifts, numbered 1-25, to begin opening on the 1st of  December.  A variety of gifts are included: some “Christmasy,” some not; some practical, some for decoration. One gift just for fun is always included as well as a special gift for Christmas Day. A Christmas card is included explaining the rules. Yes, the Christmas Blessing Basket has rules:


Since your preferences are hidden from me, you might unwrap

something you don’t like, isn’t you, or doesn’t fit.

If that happens, pass the gift on to someone else

And keep the blessing going.

Merry Christmas!


Here’s what women who have received a Christmas Blessing Basket have had to say:

Thank you for blessing me with the 25 days of gifts! December is a difficult time of year. I lost my husband on December 12th, two days before my birthday. What you’ve done for me is a God thing. Love, C

The best Christmas I ever had was when I received a Christmas basket from Penelope. She had put a lot of care and thought into it. Christmases were not fun for me, and I had recently come out of an abusive relationship. That December, each day was a loving message that warmed my heart with such thoughtful things. By the time Christmas came, I was ready to celebrate it. Thanks to these gifts, I love Christmas! It’s truly a gift that keeps giving and giving. Can’t wait for another Christmas Blessing Basket. One for myself and others. Merry Christmas! D

One more story—Penelope felt led to give a basket to the adult daughter of a dear friend. She had watched the child grow up, and then, sadly move into an unhealthy lifestyle and marriage. Her mother later told Penelope that the basket was a turning point in her daughter’s life. A Christmas Blessing Basket holds the potential to have a life-long impact.

Below are the specifics for ordering your own Christmas Blessing Basket:

Cost: $50.00

Customized baskets may be available. Contact Penelope for more information

Deadline: Orders must be paid for and received by November 13, 2020 for guaranteed delivery by December 1st.


Local Delivery: Free—Contact Penelope to make delivery arrangements.

Out of area: $15.00 flat rate anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii

*Unfortunately, if Penelope has to ship it, she will not include a basket due to the increased cost . You can find an inexpensive one at a local dollar store, a vintage one at an antique shop, or a unique one at a craft store. You might also have one in your closet you can re-purpose. However, if you do want her to include a basket, please contact her to discuss the logistics and shipping.


$50.00 -  Local Area - Free Delivery
$50.00 -  Out of Area Shipping - $15.00