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Land Media Interviews Without a Publicist
by Penelope Kaye

Do you need to unlock doors to media interviews, but don't have a publicist? 

Penelope Kaye faced the same dilemma and decided to take matters into her own hands-then she appeared on radio stations across the country.

In Land Media Interviews Without a Publicist, Penelope shares secrets that helped her publicize her book with no training and few dollars. Applying her eight essential keys, you'll be able to pass through doors that the media has locked to the masses. Her book will show you how to:

  • Find media outlets that match your book
  • Talk to the right person
  • Present yourself like a publicist

This how-to manual gives you step-by-step instructions on how to appear on radio and television programs, podcast interviews, magazines, and newspapers-a must have for all authors.

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“Penelope Kaye has performed a great service to writers everywhere with her new book Land Media Interviews without a Publicist. I found it useful in promoting my own books and will surely be recommending it in the writer’s workshops I teach. If you want your book to reach readers, here’s a must-have resource.”  

 Nick Harrison, author of Magnificent Prayer, One-Minute Prayers When You Need a Miracle, and Power in the Promises: Praying God’s Word to Change Your Life.


“Penelope Kaye’s book Land Media Interviews without a Publicist is the most understandable book on how to secure a radio interview. She describes what it takes for a writer to be prepared and knowledgeable for this type of marketing. Each key helps build the author’s skill, confidence, and professionalism to present his/her book for a distinct audience.

“Penelope makes you feel as if you were sitting across the table from her while she gives clear and specific guidelines. She takes the fear out while revealing the necessary components. Because the seven keys are easy to apply, anyone can adapt them for their own books. Her approach is heartwarming and encouraging. Every author needs to pick this up as a resource.”

Janet Feil, author of Day by Day: Thriving After Sexual Abuse and Trauma


“Thank you, Penelope Kaye, for not just giving us the keys we need to land interviews but for clearly showing us how to use them to unlock doors. I highly recommend this helpful resource.”

Marlene Bagnull, Write His Answer Ministries


“In her book Land Media Interviews without a Publicist author Penelope Kaye shares Insider Secrets to help you become a guest on media programs around the country. Self-published authors especially can tap into Penelope’s grass roots system (created out of necessity), a process that's resulted in Penelope being a guest on dozens of programs…so far.

“From the step-by-step research guidance, an explanation of broadcasting lingo, and suggestions about making the call, Penelope covers it all. If you’ve longed to step into the world of media interviews but wondered how, wonder no more. Buy this book today.”

Patricia Durgin, Online Marketing Expert, Writer, Speaker, and Host of Marketers On A Mission, the FB Live program for Christian writers and speakers.


“I am pleased and delighted that Penelope asked me to endorse Land Media Interviews without a Publicist. As a radio host, I have received many long, boring, unsolicited press releases that never see the light of day. Reading this book blesses me in knowing that Penelope turns a boring transactional encounter into a relationship through research.

“Radio is 24 hours a day, and you, as an author, should feel as though you help fill that time with valuable information our listeners will appreciate, making our jobs easier. We do not want dead air, something Penelope emphasizes. Take it to heart and be energetic and eager to help us fill our airwaves!

“Her well-researched keys will pay off, if followed and made your own. She has almost convinced me through Land Media Interviews without a Publicist. to write a book just so I can promote it through radio stations all over!

“Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, said, ‘Writing a book and not promoting it is like having a baby and leaving it on a doorstep!’ Be a ‘situational extrovert,’ apply Penelope’s keys, and go for it!”

Jackie Mahr, CRMC (Certified Radio Marketing Consultant). Host of “Share His Light Ministries”, KCRO Radio, Omaha, NE.


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