Monday's Message of Hope

Love One Another!
2/8/2021 1:45:00 AM by: Penelope Kaye

Hello, dear friend

While God still has more thoughts for me to share regarding time, in light of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to take a bit of a detour and encourage you with the words of our beloved Savior:

Love one another as I have loved you! (John 13:34, NKJV)

Have a wonderful week in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Penelope Kaye

PS: I apologize for such a short message, but I haven’t been feeling well for several days. I had another covid test on Friday; in the meantime, I am praising God for my healing. Thank you for your prayers.


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Diana Kay From Texas At 2/8/2021 9:22:39 PM

No greater love than to lay down your life for your friend.I hear your best friend Jesus saying"Thank you for laying down your life for ME! I love you Penelope.My rest and peace blankets you! "God speed my friend!

Reply by: PS 2710 Ministries

Hi, Diana. Your word has blessed me more than you can know. Much love, Penelope Kaye

Linaya From Billings At 2/8/2021 12:43:05 PM

Sending love to you, Penny, and health blessings. Believe it or not, my daughter and I prayed about an vaccine appointment and she got one for me for Thursday. God loves us and is watching over us! Love, Linaya

Reply by: PS 2710 Ministries

Hi, Linaya. Thank you for your prayers. Blessings, Penelope Kaye

Karen Christian From Colorado Springs At 2/8/2021 11:06:50 AM

Thank you Penny, for the word of our Lord..continuing to pray and stand for and with you. Much love, Karen

Reply by: PS 2710 Ministries

Hi, Karen. Thank you for your encouraging prayers. Blessings, Penelope Kaye

Patricia Thibault From Brattleboro, Vt. At 2/8/2021 11:04:06 AM

If you have a TPT version of the Bible, check out Song of Solomon, chp. 2-4, related to our suffering love and especially the banner of His rejoicing over us. We stand with you that you are not alone, but one with your Bridegroom, as an overcomer and more than a conqueror! Command this body to hea

Reply by: PS 2710 Ministries

Hi, Patricia. Thank you for your powerful prayers! I am in complete agreement, in Jesus's name. I will check out Song of Solomon. Blessings, Penelope Kaye

Jodi Gardner From Billings At 2/8/2021 10:42:20 AM

Heavenly father thank you for Penny. We speak healing, protection, provision, and sound mind over her. We speak Financial breakthrough. And thank you for making her genuinely herself. Thank you Jesus amen

Reply by: PS 2710 Ministries

Hi, Jodi. Wow! Thank you for such a beautiful and anointed prayer. Blessings, Penelope Kaye

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