Book Endorsements

What a blessing Penelope’s book, Make Crooked Places Straight . . . and Shine Like Stars, has been to me. Her honesty in dealing with the perverse spirit in her own life encourages anyone to make the crooked straight, to overcome fears, to be free to be all he/she can be. Penelope supports the truths she discovered through a rich array of Bible verses and the meaning of those Biblical words. Her transitions from chapter to chapter allow individual journeys and hearts to be part of her act of creation, so all can have life changing encounters with the living God!

Linaya Leaf, Ph.D.

Retired English & Theater Professor; Former Chair of Arts & Humanities for Rocky Mountain College

We are in a spiritual battle, and many Christians are not prepared for it. The Bible says we must not be unaware of Satan's schemes, yet many of us go through life with little understanding of the invisible war all around us. Penelope Kaye's book, Make Crooked Places Straight . . . and Shine Like Stars, is a great tool to help open your eyes to the reality of spiritual warfare, and it provides many practical guidelines to help you overcome.

J. Lee Grady

Former editor, Charisma Magazine

Director, The Mordecai Project

Penelope Kaye’s book is true manna for this age. A delightful fragrance arises throughout the pages. . . the fragrance of redemption. . . the fragrance of freedom. . . the fragrance of truth. And with this fragrance, she doesn’t hide her own failings or sins. They are encompassed with humor and quickly dealt with by a well-beaten path to the door of her Lord’s heart. Because of her openness, readers are free to walk with her and receive from her vast knowledge of the perverse spirit. She exposes him, layer by layer, and strips him of his merciless disguises! Make Crooked Places Straight . . . and Shine Like Stars is truly an unprecedented work of art, a tapestry laced with the Word of God, bringing strength and stability throughout the entire work.

Karen Christian

Choreographer, Liturgical Dancer, Artist

Penelope Kaye gifts believers with an intriguing presentation of this specific, overlooked area of the dark spiritual world and what believers can do about it. I appreciate her balance of in-depth focus with broad application to many areas of Christian life and the church. Solid biblical foundations coupled with real-life experiences and practicalities make for an effective and interesting read.

Dr. Peter Lundell

Pastor, Writer, Teacher