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The Lord reminded me of a word I received a few years ago to share in this Resurrection season – here is a portion of it. Be blessed

Out of the depths comes great treasures.  Out of the depths comes great victories.  Out of the depths comes great beauty.

I am bringing you out of the depths of your pain and despair to bring you into the storehouse of my treasures, overflowing treasures for you to give to the multitudes – treasures of my glory, treasures of my love, treasures of my hope, treasures of my faithfulness – my heavenly treasures poured out on you to walk in, to dance in, to revel in abundance.

Earthly treasures really do fade away, but mine only grow with intensity and value and beauty.  Find the lesson in the treasure.  Where the treasures will teach you about Me, and what you will learn you will teach to others.

You, too, are my treasure.  You are my jewel, one of a kind, a beautiful facet of Me, of my glory.

I want to clothe you with my treasures.  Not just so you’ll be a living epistle – not only a living letter – but a living diamond or a living sapphire or a living garnet or a living emerald or a living topaz or a living sardius.

You’ll be the living treasures walking all over the earth.  In every heart, I’ve placed a desire to find treasure.  You are going to be my treasure on my earth.  Everyone, everyone, everyone will follow after the treasure, and they will find what they seek – the greatest treasure of all, My Son.

I would love to know how you see yourself as His treasure in the comments below. God Bless – Penelope Kaye

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