Here a Line, There a Line

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I remember hearing the words “Get in a straight line!” when I was in grade school. I can still see myself as a six-year-old trying to make sure I wasn’t the one making the line crooked. I also remember saying them years later when I was teaching grade school. And I can still see myself as a teacher making sure every student was in a perfect straight line.

I know straight lines are important – in their place. But I was at a meeting awhile back, and the speaker made a statement about “aligning with God’s heart.” I’ve heard this phrase numerous times, and I fully agree with its importance.

However, this time I saw a picture in my mind’s eye. And it made me smile. I saw all types of lines running from the bottom of the picture to the top. Several made right angles similar to a staircase. Others were diagonal.  Some were perpendicular. Many were squiggly lines.

As I pondered the picture, I realized each line represented someone’s spiritual walk. And while we may want our walk to be a nice straight line to God’s heart, the truth is life isn’t like that. Bad things happen every day to some incredibly wonderful people. When they do, that nice straight line to God’s heart can take a sharp left. Or wiggle around just trying to stay on the path.

This is especially true for little girls whose fathers aren’t in the picture. Their lines can be all over the place as they come to grips with a missing dad. And it can take a long time, years in fact, to come back into alignment with the heart of God.

And that was what made me smile. Every line eventually came into alignment with God’s heart. No matter how many left turns a line made or how squiggly the line looked, each one made the connection to God’s heart.

I also had the sense that God was smiling with me. Not because of the bad things that led to crooked lines. No, he was smiling because in spite of the sharp left turns away from Him or the squiggly lines that made life difficult, each one kept on and didn’t quit until they reached His heart.

Just like any proud father, God’s smile was as wide as a river as he said, “Look at my girl! Let me tell you what she went through to get here! She’s amazing! I’m so proud of her!”

Remember, God is for you. He’s not keeping track of how many left turns you make or the squiggly lines. He believes in you and wants the best for you. And that best is alignment with his heart.

You are His girl, and that’s worth a million dollar smile.

Feel free to share about your own left turns or squiggly lines below. I would love to hear from you.

Penelope Kaye

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